Business Analytics for Health

We provide simple solutions to connect your business data

Houston We Have Prometheus helps make sense of the extraneous noise within your Business Data.

Our software development expertise

Connecting solutions, advice and ongoing support for public and private organisations, we have helped enhance data analytics within education, public health, health insurance, injury compensation and population statistics.

We provide research and advanced statistical analysis services.

We develop applications to solve business problems, to visualise data and support statistical analysis.

We remove data complexity.

Combining our knowledge and experience to conceptualise and build intelligence systems from scratch, our customised extensions enable bespoke analysis matched to our clients’ reporting platform.

We provide solutions:

We provide ongoing readily accessible support for all of our software and solutions.
Our specialist data analysis software includes:


APPRAISE: Our health insurance fraud detection web application.

APPRAISE business analysis software helps determine the potential risk to health funds when fraud transactions occur.

APPRAISE utilises multiple probability-based measures to rank questionable activities and identify networks of highly suspicious providers and members. Developed in cooperation with HCF*, APPRAISE dashboard analytical tools display key indicator comparisons by triggering immediate and real-time actionable alerts.

Interlocking extensions to detect health insurance fraud. MAILOUT + ELVIS.

  • Mailout (a custom extension to complement APPRAISE) automates the process of preparing individual health provider’s profile reports.
  • Mailout triggers investigation when the likelihood of claims abuse is identified.
  • ELVIS software integrates dashboards, reports and datasets on more than 30 topics related to child education and development.
  • ELVIS enables policy analysts to browse predefined reports and dashboards or create their own tables, graphs and maps using the Houston We Have Prometheus statistical OLAP tool.

“It is crucial that I am deploying our resources and automating processes as best
I can to free up time… APPRAISE changed the way that we approach the problem. Using the dashboard allows us to determine, just at
a glance, a high-risk situation…”

Luke Givney,
Claims Investigation Specialist, HCF