New release of Prometheus APPRAISE helps health funds identify and tackle provider fraud, waste and claims abuse more easily than ever

Houston We Have Prometheus

Houston We Have continues to invest in Prometheus – its health analytics practice. The company recently released an enhanced version of Prometheus APPRAISE. Current clients will know this as a clever tool that helps flag patterns in provider expenses that might be indicative of fraud or other behaviours warranting closer attention.

Whilst the familiar APPRAISE user interface remains, this new release provides users with enhanced visibility on “History” and “Claims”. Users may now revisit data on which advice was given previously, and can easily see any changes in claiming behaviour (whether gradual or sudden). These changes can now be demonstrated with ease. Claims are now also able to be filtered, giving users even more control than before.

Prometheus offers a wide range of modules that help health funds get maximum value from their data and make life easier in the process.


For information:

Bill Beedie
Head of Sales Australia & New Zealand
+61 411 759 457

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